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environment for them. the old model of bringing in deposits at one rate and lending it out in another has really been squeezed by these low interest rates and so they are all the more reliant on fee income. we do see some differences between the big banks, the small banks, and the credit unions particularly when it comes to things like free checking accounts. fewer than 40% of the large banks offer a free checking account on a standalone basis. at the other end of the spectrum more than 70% of credit unions still do. > >i noticed at, your website, that you actually suggest to people to be nice and be polite and maybe you can get some of these fees removed. how well does that actually work? > >what we have seen is that branch managers in many cases have greater discretion than they have had in the past to retain customers but here is the thing---you have to realize are you the type of customer they are likely to retain? if all you have is a checking account and you never keep more than $300 in it, they may show you the door. on the other hand, if you are somebody who has large
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1